Thursday, January 19, 2006

Another casualty!!!!

Of my computer breaking down is my blog. I decided to mess with the template to get some stuff changed and lost it. With the computer chaos I thought I had saved it but I hadn't so I lost my whole template. Luckily Scully has sorted me out and the only losses are all comments, archives and links to old posts. I did actually figure out how to do both of those but wasn't sure what it would mean for the template so deleted it. Then just as I thought of the answer I had republished this blog.
Oh well I can still read old entries so its no big deal. They start on the 1st Jan so its kind of an unplanned New Year, new start thing.
I must do a write up of my first book finished of 2006 in a couple of days as it was really good and everything the Dan brown hype leads it to be.
As for stitching well I am concentrating on finoshing the beading on MVIII. I have 3 gates and the outside to do which I am reckoning will take between a week and 10 days. This allows for non-stitching days too. So I should have a big HD this year.

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