Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Busy, busy!!

Today I have spent 4 hours or more trying to get this lastest essay done and this is on top of the 2 hours yesterday. Also not forgetting the copious notes made over the weekend on this one makes it one of the most taxing. On the OU message boards past students say this one is by far the worst and my tutor has confirmed this with everyone in the last week.
Yesterday was a weird day as I dialysed in the afternoon as I swapped for someone. As soon as I got there I found out another drug had changed. I was rung on Saturday to say that my BP medication had gone up but yesterday I found out my anaemia one has too. I got a print out of my results and noticed my haemoglobin has been swinging around for a couple of months. This explains why they did an emergency blood test a couple of months ago, but they blamed the lab. Its quite probable with lack of communication they genuinley didn't know why they were taking it but if they did I would rather know. However my haemoglobin is probably low because I am also a little low in iron and the two kind of work together.
As mum was driving me hone she told me my Auntie Jenny had passed away. We knew she was ill as her husband wrote to tell us at Christmas but it seems very quick even so. Its years since I have seen her or my cousins from that side as she is my Uncles first wife so its not a branch of the family we see all that often. Its also a bit of a complicated family story which is too long-winded for here.
Stitching wise I am formulating a rotation plan in my head but have decided to not make it a big deal if I don't keep up with the Chatelaines this year and to just enjoy whatever I am working on.

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