Saturday, June 02, 2007

Been too long

Well I am still here but taking a few minutes out from the busyness my life is to just say hello and to post a picture of my latest finish. I completed The castle by Teresa Wentzler a couple of weeks ago after many a long year of working on it. You can see how old it is as I bought it in kit form and stitched it on aida. I did however take inspiration from the forum and added some sparkles and some of the idea for which to use were helped by a grab bag I got on ebay. So here it is in all its glory:

A quick update on other news brings a mixture of good and bad. I spent a short while in hospital recently which was for something and nothing but it has had a bit of a knock on for some of my blood results. I got quite upset but luckily my consultant was visiting the unit on the day I wasn't there so he left a message with them about what was going on as they also saw the changes. It is not anything serious and although I am anaemic it isn't affecting how I feel and I am now getting a good course of it with possibly more to happen to boost it all up.
It is a good job I feel ok though as I have my exam soon and I am literally cramming for it as much as I can. I am enjoying the process but it is relentless at the moment and all I can hope is that this work pays off. I did get slightly behind when in hospital but I got an extension on the last assignment and have now caught up. I have now got that result and it was better than I hoped and means I have passed that component of the course.
Finally we have sadly been told our cat Taffy probably is living on borrowed time now. His kidney function is declining and depending on how fast it does it really depends on how long we are looking at. He has been put on a diet for it which could give him double the time-and luckily he seems to not mind it, but the last couple of days his appetite has gone right off again. This could be a bad sign I know but also he does this sometimes especially with the thyroid and his tablet dose has changed so it could be that too.


ollie1976 said...

Wow-that's absolutely beautiful.

Sam said...

That's gorgeous Michelle! :o) Sorry to hear you've been in hospital. Hope that its all sorted out & you're feeling better now. And poor Taffy. {{{Hugs}}} for both of you.