Thursday, June 14, 2007

Good morning

Hello all

It seems strange to be typing this still in my nightwear at this time of the day but the simple fact is I have nowt to do today, because I took my exam tuesday so I am now free.:-)
I have many plans for my time off including stitching, reading, shopping and seeing friends/family. I have neglected most of these I studied this year but I do feel that it has been so worth it and the exam although not exactly going swimmingly in all areas went pretty well overall. I am determined not to read my notes for the less good parts as I can't change anthing now so there is little point.
So today I am going to get myself sorted and then do some stitching and this afternoon me and mum are off to the local gardening center which also sells lots of gifts and craft items too. We are looking for a birthday present for one of my close friends but it is a lovely place to browse anyway so should be a nice afternoon.
I have to admit to being a bit worried about this friend as she is pregnant and not had a good time and I found out she has had a very nasty infection. I knew she had been poorly so I was concerned but when I heard what it was she had conracted it made me even more so. But she does seem to be on the mend now, the baby is ok and kicking like mad so all appears ok. Anyway I will try and get her something nice for her birthday to hopefully pick her up a bit-I was planning on seeing her soon but I won't be able to go any time soon, because this bug could be quite dangerous to me. I need to make sure she is clear of it before I see her, but know she will understand too as it is the kind of friendship where we do anything for each other but if it puts one or other of us at risk we draw the line.
Right thats it for now-better make a start on this day and hopefully I will have some more time to write from now on.

Have a good day all.

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Sam said...

Enjoy your time off Michelle - you have earned it! Hope your friend will be ok.