Monday, June 25, 2007


Yesterday I registered for my next course and this time I am going to do Approaching Literature. It took awhile to decide but Literature has always been my subject and when browsing the online forums I realised that the structure of the course really appealed to me. I wasn't sure for awhile as the write up on the main website is sketchy, so there is nothing like going to the heart of it and seeing what the students who have done the course think and what information they have left.
However it isn't always a great guide as many people were not totally happy with my last course but I loved it-I knew when I signed up it was on the harder side than others at this level, but it so neatly followed on from the one before that I decided to risk it. They were right about the hard work but I felt that I kept up with the workload and got good enough grades that I am interested to see how the Literature one compares in work.
But the hard work has had one very nice bonus and that was in the shape of my latest bank statement which was extremely healthy. I am not a reckless spender by any means but I got to wondering why it was so healthy and realised that although I have gone out I tended to focus on what I needed to buy rather than buying on a whim. So now I am in the process of treating myself to something nice but can't decide what I want so will maybe save it for a rainy day.
That rainy day may come sooner than expected though as my digital camera is starting to play up a bit-I am hoping it is only the settings that are out, otherwise my money will be spent on a new one. It seems that there are not many pictures which come out crisp and are really blurred which is not like that camera at all, but on the whole I love my Nikon and would consider getting the same make again if it came to it.
Finally my friend is alot better but isn't quite right still but I think it is more after effects and being pregnant that are causing it but for the moment for both our sakes I will keep clear.

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