Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Another finish

Firstly I must apologise for not blogging for so long. I attempted one a few days back but it errored and disappeared so I am trying again now. Christmas and New Year were so long ago but it really was a lovely one this time and I had a throughly good time eating and drinking too much. Since then it has been a case of knuckling down with the course and carrying on with normal life. It has been hectic but actually not alot has happened. I did however finish my nephews birth sampler last Friday and here it is before the details were put in. I do have to say the writing on this is a lovely style so I am going to keep the alphabet for future reference:

The only other piece of news is that our cat Taffy is a bit poorly at the moment. He went off his food just before the weekend. As he looked quite a bit thinner and was looking unhappy he went to the vets on Monday. So far the verdict is that he has impaired kidney and liver function and I think this rather suprised the vet. She felt it could be his kidneys as he has had these episodes before but nothing wrong was ever found. She thought it was possible that at these times his toxin levels were a bit high and then his kidneys sort of kicked back in and washed them away and he improved. However she said the fact both levels are not normal can actually be because of a thyroid problem, so his blood is on the way to another lab to be tested. He goes back on Friday for his results and although I think overall it would be a better prognosis if it was his thyroid he is still well enough to have some time left. It is something I have prepared myself for for awhile but it is still a shock and a horrible feeling when you know there is something wrong and all we can do is hope for the best.

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