Thursday, January 25, 2007

Quick update on Taffy

The vet had his results back today and gave us a ring. He has got an overactive thyroid and in cats in can make them quite poorly, so it explains alot about how he has been. He has to take a tablet every day for a month and then get his bloods done again to see how he is doing.
He has been eating loads better again and has already filled out from how he was. Whether this is down to an injection of a vitamin to boost his appetite up I am not sure as he was slowly improving anyway.
Overall I think it is probably the best outcome of all the scenarios as it was obviously something that needed treatment this time and at least it is easy to sort. I have every reason to hope he will be with us for a fair time yet.


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The Silver Thistle said...

Hi! Found your blog on a blog....from another blog.....from another

Just wanted to say I'm glad Taffy's on the mend and may you enjoy each other's love and companionship for many years to come.

He looks so like my beloved Puss Puss who we lost last week after 14 years. Give Taffy a hug from me :)