Sunday, December 10, 2006

Still busy

I can't believe how busy life is at the moment and time is just flying. I know it is usually busy in the run up to Christmas, but what with studying, hospital appointments and having fun time is becoming stretched. But that is part of life and it has taken me along time to start relishing it and embracing all it brings.
The studying is going well and I have just completed the latest assignment but unfortunately doing so puts me behind so I need to catch up a bit before Christmas. They have given us a whole week off and what appears to be another disguised as a reading period. But really that will be a catching up week but I do hope not to get too far behind anyway.
The hospital appointments are just routine clinics and seeing the psychologist. But I did have to have an endoscopy again which I had this week. It showed nothing serious and the results were better than the last and the small problems I have will be fine with some tablets I had previously been given, so that was good news.
The having fun part comes down to several things. I attended a stitcfhing class with Gina-Catsize and it was a Christmas themed one with a lovely Buffet lunch, crackers and some gifts. I don't think it is wrong to say we both had a super day at this one, but whether our table mats which the class was based around will be ready this Christmas is a debatable thing lol.
I have also been to several Christmas places such as garden centers and the Bath Christmas markets. I have to finish getting my gifts this week especially for my brother and his family as we are exchanging gifts next weekend. I have most of their stuff but just need to pick up a few more things to finish it off.
Finally on Thursday I had lighter colours put in my hair and it has taken awhile to get used to them as there were far more than I expected. But I am starting to like it now, especially as it has toned down a bit as at first under flourescent lighting it looked scarily like Barry Manilow. Here is a picture taken on the day. Enjoy:

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Scully said...

I like it Michelle! Sounds like you and Gina had a great day out. As for present buying...I had a splurge today and was so stressed out. I'm not as prepared as I usually am due to getting the house ready!