Thursday, August 04, 2011

Mums birthday card

As it is her birthday today I can show you the card I made for her:

As I mentioned in my previous post it is another Josephine Wall image and I am pleased with the result this time and mum was happy with it which was the main thing.

Talking of my cards I am starting to tip my toe in the water towards trying to sell them by putting a few on ebay. I have had plenty of people looking and even one watcher but I really don't know where to start to seriously look at selling them. I have thought about an etsy or folksy shop and there was an advert in the local paper last week about a new shop selling home made goods who were happy to be approached by local crafters but I don't know what is the best way to go. I don't expect to make alot of money from it as it is primarily a hobby but a bit of pin money would be nice as well as giving me a practical way of making room for further cards I make. I think what makes me the most nervous though is that I have little confidence in my own abilities as I am highly critical of my own cards and dread selling something only for the buyer to come back and say it is rubbish and they want there money back. Family and friends always say they are nice but that isn't real feedback and some of the cards that people show online make mine pale into insignificance. I suppose it is hard to really know what will sell as people's tastes vary so much so even iflike it that won't necessarily be the case for everyone.

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