Thursday, August 03, 2006

Lovely stitching gift

I took part in a Christmas in July exchange on a bulletin board recently and today my gift arrived. First of all I got this absolutely exquisite box which may or may not have been made by my partner:

Then inside was some sock wool and some ribbon and apparently there is more to follow but it is winging it's way from further afield:

I have also today ordered a full sock kit as so far I hadn't got the needles and it was a good offer. I chose Opa Rainforest wool in flamingo so now will all being well have 2 nice pairs of socks this coming winter.
Other than that I have been sorting my room out as I want to get a proper work space sorted for my future courses and I am getting alot more storage space already, with more to follow when I tackle the other corner.

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Nicola said...

WOW!! That's so pretty! What a lovely Christmas prezzie!