Saturday, April 01, 2006


I received a lovely stash parcel in the post today. I needed some threads that I couldn't find anywhere so on Paula's recommendation I went to Down sunshine lane. As it would have been crazy to buy just two threads from the USA I also got some Cougar scissors which have been raved about and if any good are a fantastic price and a scissor fob as I am a bit of a collector of them. So here is the stash:

And a close up of the scissors and fob. The charms are all stitching related and the soveriegn has I love cross stitching on it with a heart and something else I am trying to make out on it and it is just fabulous:

For now after my recent splurges I am firmly back on the wagon but had to show you this as it is so pretty.


Scully said...

The fob is lovely Michelle. I like how it has a cap for the scissors. Enjoy your stash :)

Gina E. said...

Awww Michelle, those scissors are just delightful! I have never seen any like that before with the charms on it.

Nicola said...

I *love* that scissors fob, Michelle! Congratulations on a beautiful yet practical finish!!