Sunday, June 02, 2013

A couple of finishes

Here are two things I have finished over the last few weeks. For one reason and another they both hit disasters in their very last stages, but luckily in both cases they were salvageable and hopefully no one would guess.

First up is a cosy chunkey over cardigan which was my first foray into cables and I found them far easies than I expected. In fact the biggest problem I had was in the sewing up as it was not easy wool to use for this as it snagged and wasn't easy to undo if needed. Luckily the problem was round the back of the neck and my lovely mum helped sort it out and I am really pleased with it:

Next up is Lizzie Kate's 6 Fat Men which I really enjoyed stitching as the colours are so vibrant:

The main problem came when my iron unfortunately made a bit of the thread wet and the colour leeched out into the fabric. I managed to sort that but had a bit of a panic that maybe it would have changed the colours so for some insane reason I rinsed the whole lot and obviously it got worse. But eventually I managed to sort it and on the whole I don't think it shows.

My main goal this year is to reduce the number of projects I have on the go but unfortunately I am not finding it easy not starting anything new. I have decided that I will try not to start anything until finishing at least two big projects but how long I will stick to that remains to be seen.

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