Sunday, January 04, 2009

New Year

I hope everyone is having a good New Year so far and that it is a good year for all. Although mine was quiet it was nice as we went out for a meal on New Years Day, something we haven't done before and it was really nice and may well become a new tradition. It was especially nice as Christmas was a bit of a non event-I won't say it was bad because it wasn't but it was quiet and I had quite alot on my mind. One thing was something that has bothering me for over a month now which is problems with the arm they use for dialysis. It has been painful and aching when I have been away from the machine so I felt I ought to report it as any change does need investigating. The week before Christmas I went for a scan on it to check all was ok and there were some problems seen but I left reassured that they were not serious and if needed to be easy to sort out. To cut a long story short I expected to hear nothing until this year but instead I got a phone call on Christmas Eve suggesting after discussions with a surgeon it wasn't as simple as I had been told. I can't remember all that was said now but it boiled down to the fact that there was a fair chance I would lose this site and even a slightly veiled reference to perhaps going in straight away if it wasn't Christmas-although I could have read that wrong but it's the impression I got. I was told to monitor it over the next couple of weeks and then it was strongly suggested I make an appointment to see the surgeon to discuss the options, which seemed to be few. I know I may have overeacted but it really shook me up for a few reasons: Any threat to the site is to be taken seriously as in theory a patient can run out of places to dialyse on, which isn't common but can happen and as you can imagine the repercussions are not good. The surgeon who refused me a transplant did suggest that dialysis may not be an option forever so I started to panic he was right and this was the beginning of a nasty trend, plus since then trusting medical people is a bit of an issue with me. Anyway I thought I had this last one in control until my nurse at dialysis gave me something to read and that was a report of what the surgeon had said. In essence he isn't worried and doesn't want to see me unless the pain is unbearable so I can only imagine that all this other stuff was discussed but never really an option. So I was really quite cross as although some of it matched what I was told most of it was a huge exaggeration, but I was happy to let it go. However apparently the link nurse has emailed the person who made that phone call to say something as they felt it inappropriate to ring me on Christmas Eve and to say what they did.

Anyway I am trying to leave it in the past but it did make Christmas a little less glossy shall we say but the New Year is shaping up a bit better, so far. I have hardly stopped though as an assignment is due in on Tuesday-which has now gone, but there is loads of reading to catch up on. I am deciding what my rotation will consist of this year and should start that once a birth sampler for my second nephew is finished-probably this week. As the exchange rate is so poor I am resisitng buying anything at the moment and I am determined to stitch from my stash as much as possible this year. Finally as you can see from the pictures in the last post they are now showing properly-not sure what it is but if I upload something from my computer which is square it tends to flip it round. Therefore I have to upload it from Photobucked for it to be the right way round-I have no idea why this is so but at least I know how to fix it-I eventually remembered I had the same problem with MVI.


Shebafudge said...

Oh awful for them to do that to you at any time of the year, let alone Christmas. I'm glad that the end result wasn't as bad as you fearted however. It sounds like you had a lovely New Year's Day though!

Daffycat said...

It was very inappropriate for them to tell you such things over the phone and on a holiday no less!

***hugs*** I hope it gets sorted and your arm stops hurting.

venus said...

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