Saturday, December 06, 2008

Change of plan

Today has been different to expected as origionally we were going to a Medieval Christmas event a fair way from home, but for several reasons we decided to give it a miss. What it has enabled though is for me to finish my Christmas shopping and do some study today which is much needed, because the next few weeks are getting busier with alot to cram in.
Whilst in town I took the Christmas flip its in to be framed because I decided making a bell pull to an amateur like me would be too much hassle. Also as I am getting virtually no interest on my savings due to the financial conditions I decided to splash out and get it done. It turned out to be cheaper than I imagined it would be but I did go for something simple as it seems to fit the design better. I chose a very simple wood frame which picked up the brown thread and just hope now the charms don't get all twisted round. The framer said he would do his best to keep them straight but if anyone has any tips for sewing them on where they stay put feel free to pass those on.

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Sheila said...

Congratulations on your flip-its finish - hope we get to see it framed. Like you, I´ve sometimes taken the easier option of framing rather than attempting the finish myself.