Monday, October 27, 2008


Just a quick update to say clinic last week went suprisingly well and my consultant was extremely pleased with me. He couldn't tell me why I felt yucky as there was no obvious reason for it, so I think it may have been a phase or a leftover from the cold I had. All seems to be picking up a bit now and my appetite is returning a bit-it is never good as anyone reading this who has fed me will know, but it is better than it was.
I have had a lovely weekend as I attended my nephew Benjamin's second birthday party on Saturday. The party was for his immediate family and it was really nice and chilled out-well as chilled as you can get with two young boys on the go. Then on Sunday my friend was up for the weekend from Cornwall and it was lovely to catch up with her and her family.
All this has made me feel much more positive although I have a way to go yet as there are a few health niggles which are ongoing and although not serious they may need some attention in the future. I also don't particularly like writing down all the particulars of my life and that last post was rare for me but I just needed to get it off my chest. What does amaze me is the array of health blogs out there where people will literally write every detail on them and not really consider what they are putting. I know some are private for them and that is ok-but then is it private if anyone can read it? Some are raising awareness about certain illnesses which although the motive is good I have reservations about putting everything that happens to them down on a blog. I guess it isn't exploitative if they readily agree to it, but I am generally a very private person where my health is concerned and share aspects of it only if it feels right. I suppose I have wondered lately if the way I approach the issue is wrong as I don't want it all out there on the web, which is my choice I know. However it seems almost the norm now to lay it all open, but maybe it is because I belong to a few web forums where it started and it's become a fad and it isn't the norm as such.
But to end this post I am going to talk about the worse thing that happened to me this last week. There was a big sale on at Silkweavers for classic linens and I love their hand dyed stuff but I obviously haven't quite got to grips with their new ordering system as I managed to order four pieces in 18ct Cork Linen which I can't see myself using. I am only glad the big piece I ordered I did manage to get right but if anyone thinks they can use the linen leave me a message and we can talk. They are all fairly neutral colours and are the smallest size they have on the site.


Paula said...

Glad to hear the clinic went well. Email or Yuku message me about the cork linen - I use it for some Shepherds bush designs.

Karoline said...

Glad to hear you're feeling better.

I think everyone has different comfort levels about what they put on the web. I'm very selective as well about what I talk about online even in private forums but each to their own.