Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Apple kissed autumn

I finished this just a couple of days ago and I have to say I was slightly disappointed with it. It is mainly because the fabric from the kit is a wee bit dark for it and some of the very pastel tones hardly show up. The scan of it has come out really well and doesn't show this at all, but then my mum suggested it was the brightness behind so might look at putting something white behind when finishing it off. I haven't decided how it is to be finished or when so for now here it is:

This was the focus piece in my rotation and I figured that if I want to get my stash down then some new starts were in order. But I also want to get my number of projects down, so as I have lots of smaller ones I decided to put them in as focus pieces. Next up is Mirabilia's Christmas elf fairy, but I am also knitting a pair of pink trainer socks inbetween too.
My new course also officially started last Saturday although I was doing some studying before that so my time is going to be curtailed from now on so I will see how I get on with this new rotation. I am enjoying the course so far and Literature has always been an interest of mine so I am looking forward to really getting into it this year.
However instead of hitting the books I went to the Exeter craft show on Saturday with my mum and we had a really great time. I didn't spend much but there was such an aray of demonstrations and displays it kept us both happy for a fair while. I actually took some great pictures on my phones camera but am currently trying all ways to get it on line but a friend mentioned a dongle might be needed so although the mind boggles I will do a bit of investigating on that front this week. For those who asked we didn't go to the NEC in the end as my mum was taken ill that morning and it wasn't right to leave her, even though dad was here so neither of us went in the end. Without going into details she has had several problems this year and it has been a worrying few weeks but all is now getting sorted.
Finally I am really missing Taffy at the moment. It seems to have built up in the last week and not sure why as I have been relatively ok up until this point. I think maybe it is finally sinking home now as the memories start coming back. am a bit of a blocker when it comes to sad stuff then unfortunately at some point down the line
it is like a cork being released and I have a big reaction to it. I have a feeling that is what is happening now, but as several things are happening at the moment that cork has alot of pressure behind it.


Karoline said...

It's looking lovely Michelle, congratulations. Good luck with the new course.

The Silver Thistle said...

It looks lovely. You've made a super job of it!

Taffy was obviously loved very much and I feel your pain without him. We lost Puss Puss at the begining of the year and it's still painful sometimes. The good memories help ease the pain though, in time.