Sunday, February 18, 2007

Finally finished

I am what you might call a bit cream crackered tonight as I have spent most of the weekend finishing my latest assignment. I seem to have been making notes for weeks but it seemed relatively straight forward and I even had quite a bit drafted out. But no alas it took hours, but part of the problem was on Thursday I couldn't find any motivation to do it whatsoever, which means alot of the weekend was taken up by it. Also I had that annoying thing that seems to happen with Word when you go back to change something and it eats the words already on the page. Some thought that would be a good thing to add into the programme it seems, but it only adds to the workers stress and shouldn't be allowed.
Therefore not much stitching has been done over the last few days but I am slowly plugging away on my rotation and I can see some benefits for my hard work. I have around three pieces which should hopefully be finished over the next few months and my goal is to finish them by Easter. I also have a few snaller ones which will be added in soon so I am really hopeful that I can get my projects down this year.
However although there hasn't been much stitching recently last weekend was a real stitching treat. I attended a Judy Dixon class in hardanger and drawn thread with Gina and some of her friends and I had a great time. I have been to Judy's classes before but this was the best yet, despite a rather big mistake by me which involved alot of frogging out it was just a great day. Also I stayed with Gina the night before and got a fair amount of stitching in then on my rotation piece Elizabethan embroidery which is another of Judy's class designs:

I am hopeful this will be finished when it next comes up in rotation, but even if it doesn't at least it means I get to enjoy more time with it.


Karoline said...

Your Elizabethan piece is gorgeous Michelle. Congratulations on finishing your TMA I well remember the way they would expand over the weekends LOL!

Gina said...

Hey - that embroidery is going really well! Congrats!

Gina said...

Hey - that embroidery is going really well! Congrats!

The Silver Thistle said...

Your Elizabethan piece is amazing! Really cool.

I've been looking at Drawn thread charts this week, and just hardanger in general. It looks pretty complicated but the effect is great so I'll maybe have to teach myself. A class would be better but in this neck of the woods, if you mention the word 'crafts' people look at you like you've got 2 heads, lol. There's not many I've run across round here that have an interest anyway.